Friday, June 11, 2010

Just Another List

Get up
Make coffee
chill for a bit
wake up daughter- not easy
get her ready for school
make breaky and lunch
get her to school with one minute to spare!
come home go for stroll with dog
come home
now what?

off today
between jobs
have things to do
go for some much needed supplies
start looking for white or black shirts and ties for new job
should seriously go for a massage
why do my eyes hurt?

oh yeah almost forgot
must follow up on that resume I sent last week
(for some reason the excitement for that one seems to be fading)
do some yoga
pull some weeds
make a list of things I want for house for decorating
a couple tables and chairs, paint, paintings.... pillows
pick Em up from bus- It's Friday yeah!

What's for dinner?

1 comment:

  1. Lists are a great way to manifest poetic prose and desire... I do a lot of my journalling and daytimer poetry starting with lists... Add some humdrum and it'd be funnier... I love your writing.