Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Looking for a Cure

I am forgetting how to write.
I go to sleep early every night. Too busy during the day.. Don't know what to write. Have nothing to write about.
I blame just about everything for my inability to write anymore.. I have many excuses. Too many bad things happened to me last year so I stopped writing, took a break. Really. Too busy to sit, too tired after work, gotta make dinner gotta go for a walk, yoga or the grocery store.
Then my friend klo helped me start up this blog on blogger.com and suggested I just write. Thanks K, easy for you to say- that's all you do.
I have many plans of bettering my life- writing more would be in those plans. Many very simple things can help you value your days if you focus on what you want and need-to certain measures. Mind you I still keep regular notes to self and lists in my moleskin and of course my current journal.
I am going to use my blog now.
I am officially welcoming myself back or to a new form of writing and communication for me.
I just need to go outside and have a cigaretteand go to bed but I will start writing regularily again, and that is all I know.


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